Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to my for(om). A place to slow down, breathe, and of course, enjoy.

I started this site with a little hesitation, a touch of doubt, and a glimmer of hope. I'm not one to put myself out there for the world to see, but here I am.... Thanks to all my friends and family whose encouragement made taking the first step a little bit easier.

I'm using this blog mainly as a place to display the many photos I have been busy collecting and storing away. As you will see, most of them are just simple things we see everyday, yet hurriedly pass by for one reason or another. Over the past year, I have slowly come to realize that beauty surrounds me every single day- I just hadn't been aware of it. I found that picking up my camera and walking outside gave me a chance to slow down and pay attention to the world.... the drop of water on a leaf, the ray of sun through the clouds, the butterfly perched on a flower. And with that, I welcome you into to my mindfulness practice.

After you're finished checking out my photos (click on any photo to view large), feel free to cook up some of my favorite recipes (posted under the 'Nourishment' tab), or read about my experiences in the Peace Corps at http://asecondscoop.blogspot.com/.

Thanks for stopping by!